Scores and Schedules
Up-to-the-minute schedules are available via Zuluru.

Players are expected to know all the current (11th) edition rules and any league-specific rules.

Field Permits
When playing at a field that has a Permit associated with it, be sure someone prints a copy and brings it to the game. In case of conflict, be courteous but firm. If you do not have a copy of the permit with you, nothing can be done.

Field Status
For the most recent status of city fields, try these links:

Kitchener (Kiwanis and Woodside Parks):

Making up Games
Games that are cancelled across the board (i.e. for weather) are not made up unless the League Coordinators request it, in which case they will assign the fields. All such games must be completed at least two weeks before the end of the season. If a game was partially completed and captains find a mutually agreable date to make up the game the score will begin where it previously left off. The result can be entered under the originally scheduled date in Zuluru.