Ultimate is a sport based on respect for one's opponent, for one's teammates and oneself. As such, no officials are present during games. This means that all players must take responsibility for their own actions on the field. The following guidelines have been developed to inform players of their responsibilities.


  • must wear footwear that will allow them to play the sport in a safe fashion. Plastic or rubber cleats are permitted. Metal cleats/spikes are not permitted. While non-cleated footwear (i.e. running shoes) are permitted, they are not recommended for grass fields as they may lead to injury.
  • are expected to be on time and to prevent delays in starting a game
  • are expected to play with due caution on the field and to try to prevent any collisions or harmful physical contact with other players
  • are expected to minimize incidents of taunting and dangerous play both for themselves and their teammates
  • For extreme or repeated violations of either of the two previous points, a player may face disciplinary action
  • are expected to know all the current 11th edition and league-specific rules
  • must complete a WODS liability waiver form prior to the start of the season
  • are expected to be pro-active in stopping play if the fields are too wet, have standing water or are being torn up due to play
  • are responsible for demonstrating, encouraging and promoting Spirit Of The Game to their team