Goaltimate is a half-court flying disc game derived from ultimate, similar to Hot Box. The object is to score points by throwing a disc to a teammate through a large semicircular hoop--called the goal--into a small scoring area. The name is a portmanteau of Goal and the title Ultimate.

  • Goaltimate has six players per team. Four are in play, with two remaining in the Substitution Box.
  • The game starts from behind the Clear Line when a Defensive player taps the disc held by an Offensive player. This is called a "Check disc". The Offensive player establishes a pivot foot, similar to Basketball, then throws the disc to a teammate within the field of play. Possession is maintained as long as the throws are completed.
  • The disc is thrown from player to player, in order to penetrate the Goal, which scores a point. If the Defense intercepts the disc, a turnover occurs and if the Defense knocks down the disc, an incomplete pass occurs.
  • A turnover also occurs when the Offense fails to throw the disc within 5-seconds, known as "Stalling". Stalling happens after the Defensive player counts aloud to five. This makes the action non-stop and thrilling!
  • Each goal counts for 1 point, with 2 points awarded for Goals thrown from behind the Clear Line.
  • After a score, the offense maintains possession and must work the disc back to the Clear Line in order to advance for another score.
  • Games are played to 5 points and are part of a "Best-of-5" game series.