Events and tournaments are really something to experience as an Ultimate player.

Not only do you make all kinds of friends at an event or tournament, but it's incredible how fast your skills develop when you discuss game details with a new friend or target a new skill for several games back to back!


WODS runs two annual tournaments: May Day and Oktoberfest. As well as regular clinics and training events throughout the year. 

Additionally, WODS runs a Hat League tournament at the end of the summer for its summer league members. 


WODS Oktoberfest is one of our annual tournaments that runs every year on the second weekend of the Kitchener Oktoberfest festival. WODS usually coordinates group tickets to a local Oktoberfest Party and every year's package is different.



WODS May Day is one of our annual tournaments that runs every year at the end of May. The tournament includes open, mixed, and women's divisions with varying levels of play. 

May Day 2017 will be on May 27/28th at Kiwanis Park in Kitchener. Registration is now open: complete the webform here!