Team captains play a vital role in the administration and smooth operation of the league and in the overall enjoyment of the sport by the players on their teams. The following guidelines have been developed to inform captains of their responsibilities in these areas.


  • are responsible forĀ reporting game scores and answering the spirit questionnaireĀ in LeagueRunner within 24 hoursĀ of theĀ completion of the game.Ā Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the game.
  • are responsible for attending, or sending a representative to, the captains' meeting held prior to the start of the season
  • are responsible for attending the Annual General Meeting and any special meetings called by the Board of Directors. These meetings may involve voting on specific league issues. In the capacity of Team Representative, it is the captains' responsibility to stay informed of these issues to the best of their ability and, where possible, to solicit their teammates' opinions. If a captain is unable or unwilling to cast a vote, serious consideration should be given to assigning the team's proxy to an appropriate alternate.
  • are the team liaison with WODS and the league coordinator and must pass information between the league and their players
  • are responsible for maintaining an adequate roster throughout the season
  • are responsible for having sufficient players at the field and ready to play at the official start time for each game
  • are responsible for minimizing, containing and immediately addressing any incidents of taunting or dangerous play on their team
  • are responsible for knowing all the UPA 11th edition and any league-specific rules
  • are responsible for field setup PRIOR to game start time if they are the home team
  • are responsible for demonstrating, encouraging and promoting Spirit Of The Game to their team
  • During playoffs, captains are responsible for ensuring that their players meet the eligibility requirements (i.e. have signed waivers, are WODS members, etc.)
  • must be pro-active in stopping play if the fields are too wet, have standing water or are being torn up due to play. If a field is found in poor or unplayable condition before a game, or the field is damaged during a game, the captain is expected to inform the League Coordinator.