In case of extreme weather, games may be cancelled on location through captains' agreement. Safety should always come first. WODS considers visible lightning in the area to be extreme weather, resulting in the immediate suspension of play. For other conditions (i.e. wind, rain, hail, etc.), captains should use their best judgment, with safety being the priority. A game that has been suspended due to lightning or adverse weather may only be resumed by captains' agreement if the conditions have passed. In the event of lightning or other adverse weather, we encourage teams to take safe shelter for a reasonable period (at least 20 minutes) to see if the conditions pass and the game may be resumed. Again, this will be a decision to be agreed between the captains.

If you are caught in the open by a sudden storm, get to safe shelter as quickly as possible. Do not remain in open, exposed areas. Remember that lightning is attracted to conductive material like metal, and to tall objects like trees, poles, etc. Stay well clear of such items. If you are unable to reach shelter, then assuming the 'lightning safety position' is the best alternative. Squat to lower your profile and touch your heels together, in order to direct any charge away from vital organs to your legs. Cover your ears to avoid damage from thunder. Never lie on the ground, as lightning can travel along wet ground and, by lying down, you have exposed your heart to the possibility of close contact with a ground-traveling strike. If your body hair stands up, a lightning strike may be imminent--immediately assume the safety position or get to cover.

Games may be cancelled in advance by agreement between the captains. However, we encourage teams not to use this option lightly. The best way to determine the weather conditions is to show up at the field at game time.

In the event of adverse weather interrupting a game, the game is considered completed where either team has reached a minimum score of 8. The appropriate scores should then be entered on the WODS site. If a game is called with neither team reaching 8 points, the game is a nullity.