How many people are on a team?

Teams have only seven players on the field at one time, but may have as many people on their roster as they choose.

How long does a game usually last?

A typical game is played to 15 points and usually lasts about one and a half hours.

What equipment do you need in order to play?

Ultimate is one of the least expensive sports to play, as all that’s required for a game is field space and a disc. Most players opt to wear cleats as well, and cones are helpful for marking the boundaries of the playing field.

Are all discs the same?

No. Ultimate is played with a 175 gram disc, which is heavier and sturdier than the recreational discs most people are familiar with. The weight, diameter, shape of the rim, and plastic all factor in to how the disc handles. The UPA has developed very rigorous disc standards to ensure that players have access to the highest quality discs possible. The Discraft Ultra-Star 175 gram disc is currently the official disc of the UPA Championship Series.

What’s the difference between an observer and a referee?

Observers are non-players whose role is to carefully watch the action of the game and to perform any or all of the following duties: track time limits, resolve player disputes, censure or eject players for sportsmanship infractions, and render opinions on things such as line calls and off-side calls. The difference between an observer and a referee is that in general observers only make rulings on infractions called by players, and only after the players have failed to resolve the issue themselves.

How can I start playing?

Most cities have Ultimate leagues and pickup games that are open to new players. The UPA has also developed an Ultimate instructional kit (available through that includes 14 instructional discs covering the basics of the game, a skills and drills manual, and many other items that can help you start an Ultimate program in your community.

How many people play Ultimate?

Although an "official" count is not available, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and the United States play the game at some level each year.

Where can I find more info to improve my playing skills?

The UPA website includes links to various skills and drills that can help improve your game. The Ultimate Handbook is also a great resource for beginning and experienced players alike.

Will Ultimate ever become an Olympic sport?

The UPA and WFDF (The World Flying Disc Federation) have been working to achieve the best presentation of Ultimate and other disc sports on the worldwide sport scene for some time. A major milestone in this effort occurred in 2001 when Ultimate was included in the World Games for the first time as a full medal sport. The current climate for inclusion of new events in the Olympic Games is not encouraging. The best possible scenario for disc sports is to continue our emphasis in each home town, each state and national community to build the sport at the grass roots level. We must work steadily to make our games better and stronger for our players which will make us increasingly attractive to various global sports organizations.