As announced last fall, WODS has partnered with Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort on the installation of an exciting 18-hole disc golf course on the Chicopee ski hills and surrounding lands. Construction of the course is underway for an expected opening on May 15!!  Every ultimate player owes it to him/herself to try disc golf at least once. It combines the throwing skills of ultimate, with the social benefits of a walk in the park with friends. So come out this summer and give the Chicopee course a try.

Course Amenities

The course layout is an exciting mix of long and short holes, water holes, hillside holes, open holes, treed holes, etc. (you'll love the big finish on hole #18!). Players will also be able to enjoy the other great amenities that the Chicopee location provides that are tough to find on other disc golf courses:

  • onsite washrooms/changerooms
  • cafeteria
  • bar
  • air-conditioned lounge
  • deck overlooking #18 fairway and basket
  • onsite retail merchandise store featuring disc sales and rentals, bags, minis, towels, etc.
  • corporate events available (disc golf, climbing wall, elevated rope challenge, beach volleyball, hiking, biking)

Membership options

There will be a small fee of $5 to play the course, but WODS members who plan to play more than once or twice this year should consider the disc golf membership option, available to WODS members for $40 all summer long (regular price $50). In addition, WODS members who purchase a disc golf membership before May 31 will be entered into a draw for an Innova disc golf prize package. Memberships can be purchased directly from Chicopee by phone or onsite at the Guest Services desk.

WODS Volunteer Day(s)

As course construction continues, there is a need for volunteers to help with cutting/clearing brush, installing baskets, building tee pads, and other necessary labours. WODS members who are available on Saturday May 2, 2009 (9:00 a.m. to ???) and willing to contribute some time and elbow grease to this great project are asked to contact Duane. There will be other opportunities as construction continues up to May 15 and beyond. But help on May 2 would be particularly appreciated.

Tournaments and league night opportunities

Chicopee will host a Grand Opening tournament on Saturday June 20. Players of all experience levels will be welcome at this tournament for a chance to play the new course and also to see some experienced disc golfers from all over Ontario and beyond in action. Stay tuned to the WODS and Chicopee sites for more information and signup instructions for this tournament.

In addition, WODS and Chicopee will host an annual Oktoberfest Disc Golf Tournament to be held on the first Saturday of Oktoberfest (to go hand-in-hand with our Ultimate tournament on the following weekend).

Players can look forward to weekly "league" nights. These are fun, casual events with no commitment required; a chance to meet other players from Waterloo Region and beyond, and enjoy some cool drinks and maybe win a prize or two. Stay tuned for more information and dates.



WODS is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort to bring a brand new, premier-quality, 18-hole disc golf course to Waterloo Region beginning in spring 2009. 

WODS has been working closely with the fine people at Chicopee to negotiate an arrangement that will see WODS contribute financially, and with design and labour input, to a high-quality course in a central location in the region. The Chicopee site provides a wonderful location for a disc golf facility. It will be maintained carefully and will become an integral part of Chicopee's summer activities, alongside the biking and hiking trails, mountain bike park, climbing wall and rope challenge course. (click here for more information about Chicopee's summer activities) 

Design is already underway and installation will begin in April for an expected opening sometime in May 2009. The course will incorporate fantastic natural terrain, with significant elevation changes, water features, and opportunities to really let those drives fly!  We are planning and expecting an interesting mix of short and long holes, with a blend of technical shots for the experienced player and more open options for beginners. 

Like WODS, Chicopee is a not-for-profit organization. There will be a small fee associated with playing the course, with membership options available. Chicopee is committed to maintaining the course at a premier level and providing the best disc golf experience possible at reasonable prices. 

Stay tuned here for more information as the spring season approaches. You can expect many opportunities for clinics, league nights and tournaments at the course. We will also be looking for volunteers to assist with course installation in April and May.  

So get ready to play, and show your support for this new WODS/Chicopee project.




Disc golf's popularity has exploded in recent years to the point where it is now being enjoyed by people of all ages on over 2000 courses worldwide. It is a sport that challenges both physical and psychological capabilities while providing opportunity for low impact outdoor exercise, strengthening community bonds, and above all, fun.


Looking to play some disc golf but don't have any discs? Or are you looking to replenish your inventory? Need a disc bag? Starting in the 2009 season, you'll be able to satisfy all those needs with a visit to the retail disc golf equipment outlet at the Chicopee clubhouse. No more ordering online, paying shipping fees, and waiting for delivery. Now you can buy your equipment, step onto the tee and put it into use right away. Stay tuned for a detailed list of the products and brands that will be available.


Disc golf is played like traditional golf, though instead of hitting a ball into a hole, you throw a specialized plastic disc into an elevated metal basket (the target). The goal is the same: to complete the course in the fewest number of strokes (throws).  Disc golfers begin play by throwing a disc toward the target.  As a player progresses through the hole, he or she must throw each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw landed.  Trees, shrubs, and terrain changes provide challenging obstacles for the golfer.  To finish the hole, the "putt" must land in the basket portion of the target.


More people are taking up recreational activities in an effort to improve their health and quality of life.  With its combination of upper and lower body conditioning, mental concentration, and manual dexterity, disc golf is a great choice as a life-long sport.

Another great attribute of disc golf is its low cost.  A round of disc golf is often free to play and lasts approximately 1-2 hours, while discs cost between $10-20 on average.  Of course, there's also the sheer fun of the game, no matter what your age or skill level. 


Competitive disc golf is supported by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), which is based in Appling, Georgia.  There are over 20,000 registered professional disc golf players worldwide who compete for local, national, and world titles.  Some of the sport's top winners have come from Ontario, including 5-time world champion Elaine King who has assisted WODS in providing disc golf skills clinics.